Table Manners @ Changi City Point

Save yourself a table at this fine establishment with Kaimen!!

Little would I have known that the mall within the clusters of office will be so funky! Along with Table Manners, is a row of restaurants and bars that are perfect for after-hours chilling (and pigging out).
Entrance to the indoor seating area. Al-fresco dining area is available too if you want to soak up the atmosphere from the live music next door!
Table placemats designed specially for quick convo-starters!
Communal table
Good home design ideas!!
Even the napkins are themed! A+ for effort!
DSC09442     DSC09453
LEFT: Pictures of utensil-styling and funny quotes!
RIGHT: Watermelon Mint Mocktail ($9) – I didn’t expect my drink to turn out yellow but it was definitely a nice change from the usual red ones. It’s a very refreshing drink to kick-start a fantastic meal but too bad the watermelon chunks at the bottom were to chunky to go through the straw. There is…

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