National Day Fireworks Viewing Spots 2013 [Fullerton Road]


Singapore National Day 2013 is coming up in less than a week! Preparations must be made to ensure a good viewing spots for all the evening festivities. Because we love convenience here at Kaimen, we have gone ahead and scouted out all of the best places for you to see the fireworks!

Places where you can sit and dine as you see the beautiful fireworks shine across the gorgeous Singapore skyline. And other areas where you can camp out with friends and family under all the excitement. Because Kaimen knows how well informed people are, we have provided the best restaurants and viewing spots, along with pictures of the type of vantage point you should expect on Singapore National Day 2013!

There are three main different spots to view the fireworks: the area along Fullerton Road, Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, and Marina Bay Theaters on the Bay. We will release each different spots one time at a day so it’s not too much for you.

Link to view:


Marina Bay Sands Shoppes


Fullerton Road

Accessible from the Raffle Place MRT, Fullerton Road provides three different areas to view the fireworks, Custom House, Fullerton Bay Hotel, and One Fullerton.

Fullerton Rd

Custom House


Custom House has a nice selection of restaurants to choose from.
And of course a wonderful area to view the fireworks once they go off.


Outside of the restaurant is a nice viewing podium that has a great view of Marina Bay Sands, the Floating Stadium, and the Fireworks.


Proccai [Italian]

Lovers of Italian foods will appreciate this fine dining gem originally from Florence. High quality traditional Tuscan food and exceptional service is the general norm here. And the incredible wine list here will definitely satisfy everyone’s craving. The romantic scene makes this a great place if you are planning to take your date to see the fireworks. Your evening will be exploding with excitement here.

70 Collyer Quay #01-04
Customs House, Singapore 049323

Sounds Delicious!


Kinki [Japanese]

Kinki, a Japanese restaurant with an urban twist, provides an amazing selection of sushis to choose from. The twist on the other hand is the rooftop bar that will be booming with music as the fireworks above pop. A great place for friends to come together and drink to Singapore’s 48th birthday. Kinki is also providing a deal for table reservations for 8, providing  2 Moet & Chandon bottles, 1 Belvedere bottle and 8 shooters at $600. Or a dining deal to enjoy a 5-Course Dinner at $128 as well as a complimentary glass of wine.

Kinki Restaurant + Bar
70 Collyer Quay #02-02
Customs House, Singapore 049323

Sounds Delicious!


Nueva Cuba [Cuban]

Nueva Cuba “New Cuba” is a great place to sit down and chill with friends. Enjoy some exotic zesty Cuban foods that will wake your senses. At the same time try out some of the signature Cuban drinks or other wide selection of drinks to choose from.  At the end of the night, you’ll be singing together with your buds rejoicing in Singapore’s independence.

Nueva Cuba Bar & Restaurant
70 Collyer Quay #01-03
Customs House, Singapore 049323

Sounds Delicious!


Sabai [Thai]

Sabai brings one of the highest level of fine Thai dining to Singapore. WIth exceptional authentic Thai dishes to choose from. A romantic place with flickering candles, a great place for two or for the whole family. Of course at the same time, the same incredible Thai hospitality. As the night comes to a close, you and your loved ones will remember the spectacular Thai/Singapore infused night.

70 Collyer Quay #01-02
Customs House, Singapore 049323

Sounds Delicious!


Oyster Bar


The Oyster Bar lives up to its name by bringing together amazing seafood with a wide variety of Champagnes, Martinis, and cocktails to choose from. The seafood dishes are served with style, quality, and freshness. The drinks on the other hand are numerous and adventurous. So while you decide on what to eat, you can look beyond the glass surroundings towards Marina Bay Sands.  You can even choose to step outside and lounge on the pier or on the rooftop. The choices here are endless.

Oyster Bar
70 Collyer Quay 01-01
Customs House, Singapore 049323

Sounds Delicious!



Wherever you choose to eat, you will be satisfied and ready to see some fireworks.
Go out onto the podium to watch the magic in the air.

Fullerton Bay Hotel


The Fullerton Bay Hotel shares the same impressive view of Marina Bay Sands like Custom House.

Landing Point [High Tea]


The Landing Point is an exquisite dining place on the ground floor of the Fullerton Bay Hotel known for its Afternoon Tea. A great place to start and refresh before the National Singapore Parade Event. The Landing Point also has a bar for drinks.


Patrons can also come outside to see another great view of the bay.

The Landing Point
The Fullerton Bay Hotel
80 Collyer Quay

Sounds Delicious!


One on the Bund [Chinese]


On the Bund is another fine dining restaurant that will tickle all your senses. It provides the best in Chinese fine dining. And at the same time, you are sitting in a historical landmark which once was a ferry terminal. So while you wait for the fireworks, you can enjoy the beautiful architectural design and enjoy some impeccable Chinese dishes like the Peking Duck. However, once the fireworks begins to shoot off, you can go outside onto the Clifford Pier and continue to enjoy your incredible night.

One on the Bund Restaurant
80 Collyer Quay, Clifford Pier

Sounds Delicious!


Catalunya [Spanish]


If you are in the mood for spanish foods and some great drinks, then come abroad Fullerton Pavillion and enter into Catalunya. You will be walking into a contemporary Spanish restaurant headed by an international team of culinary experts from around the world. While enjoying your evening of fine dining and music, you will be wrapped around by glass giving you an incredible panoramic view of the fireworks above. You will thank yourself at the end of the night.

The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049327

Sounds Delicious!

After your meal at Catalunya or from the Fullerton Bay Hotel, you are welcome to come on to the Fullerton Pavillion. It’s a large raised platform on top of the Fullerton Pavilion  that brings you up close to the action of the FIreworks and the whole entire bay. The Pavilion is open to public access. Be sure to be there early to find yourself some room to see the fireworks.

One Fullerton


The One Fullerton is a large strip of restaurants side by side that provide great dining and drinking choices with the option of sitting outside. At the same time providing another great view for the Fireworks show.

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill [Seafood]


People with a soft spot for seafood should definitely try out the Pelican. It has all the seafood favorites from oysters, clams, crab, prawns, lobster, that can come in a platter or served in adventurous dishes like the Rhode Island Fried Squid. Great for everyone to come together and savor seafood right next to the bay. Or the choice of dining inside the restaurant that evokes the feeling of being on a luxurious yacht. Either way, you’ll set sail on an adventurous journey leading towards your National Day Fireworks.

The Pelican
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049214

Sounds Delicious!


Jing [Cantonese]


Jing serves the best contemporary Cantonese cuisine that has an expansive window view that does not obstruct the bay view. For National Day, Jing has a specially crafted a menu by Executive Chef Yang filled with delicious dishes that will make the night even more memorable. Two set menus will be offered from $88 for a minimum of two people.

1 Fullerton Road, #01-02/03
One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

Sounds Delicious!


Overeasy Bar and Diner [American]


A sophisticated modern take on the American diner that brings American comfort food and beer together. The only place you can get breakfast at any part of the day. And a great place to just chill and relax with friends and family as the fireworks go off all around you.

1 Fullerton Road
#01-06 One Fullerton

Sounds Delicious!


Palm Beach Seafood [Seafood]


Looking for some signature Singaporean dish to celebrate National Day to? Then go towards Palm Beach Seafood as the Chinese styled seafood restaurant has the famous Chilli Crab dish. Definitely an excellent way to celebrate National Day with some Chill Crab while under the fireworks.

Palm Beach
1 Fullerton Road
#01-09 One Fullerton

Sounds Delicious!


Boathouse [French]


The 1919 waterboat house is part of Singapore’s heritage. So why not spend National Day in a historical building while having one of the best in French dining. And after you are done, go up stairs to the Prelude Bar to have a drink and a great view of the fireworks.

Boat House
3 Fullerton Road,
#03-01 The Waterboat House,
Singapore 049215

Sounds Delicious!

No matter where you choose.
Kaimen guarantees that you will have a great time with family and friends under the firework lit sky.
We here at Kaimen wish you an amazing National Day!

And to skip the queue, do yourself a favor and use Kaimen to search, reserve, and eat!


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