Singapore Hawkers Beat Gordon Ramsay in Singaporean Food Challenge!

It’s official: Singaporeans love SG Hawkers’ versions better!

6Singapore hawkers have beaten Gordon Ramsay in local food challenge! Celebrity chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay is in town for a Singaporean food challenge.

Singaporeans have voted for their favourite dishes: Ryan Koh’s “Laksa” and Foo Kui Lian’s “Chicken Rice”! Gordon Ramsay however, won their hearts with his version of the “Chilli Crab“. People started queuing for the food tasting event as early as 1am on Sunday morning even though it was due to start at 6.30pm in the evening at Newton Food Centre. The turnout for the event was overwhelming.


3Were you there for the event? What were your favourite dishes? Let us know by leaving us a comment just below this post!

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Photos courtesy of Jack Ang


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