Best Burger Restaurants in Singapore

1. DB Bistro Moderne

db bistro moderne

Located in the luxury retail and dining atrium of the Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino, just across from the Sands Theatre, db Bistro Moderne offers an exciting mix of traditional French bistro cooking with contemporary American flavors, and a world-renown collection of signature burgers. Chef Daniel Boulud reinterprets the classic Parisian bistro while sharing the energy and style of his acclaimed db Bistro Moderne in Midtown Manhattan. The striking, modern-bistro aesthetics include a stylish 15-seat bar as well as an informal lounge area for casual dining, a private room seating up to 20 is available for personal and business entertaining.

– DB Bistro Moderne

You can make a reservation for DB Bistro Moderne at

2. Morton’s Steakhouse


Morton’s The Steakhouse in Singapore is located on the 4th Storey of Mandarin Oriental, which is situated in the heart of the Commercial and Central Business District. The restaurant is also nestled at the Marina Bay waterfront and nearby to the newly opened Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, world-class Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Singapore Flyer. Every detail, from the succulent steaks and seafood and vast wine selections to the seamless service, makes Morton’s the classic dining experience. The Bar at Morton’s is also a popular destination with local bar-goers and travelers, becoming an institution on the local bar scene over the years.

– Morton’s Steakhouse

You can make a reservation for Morton’s Steakhouse at

3. Omakase Burger


“Omakase” literally means “to entrust” and here at Omakase Burger, we ask our customers to trust that we will offer them a burger made with ingredients of the highest quality and prepared in the best way we know.

Our love for burgers originated from the US, where two brothers travelled from coast to coast, embracing the ‘better burger’ movement and tasting any burger that was worth trying. We learnt a lot along the way, including the East Coast’s fascination with beef blends and the West Coast’s commitment to super-fresh, high-quality ingredients. Omakase Burger is the culmination of this journey, incorporating all the best elements to create a thoroughly original and authentic burger that’s never been seen, tasted or experienced in Asia.

This is our favorite burger. Trust us and give us a try and hopefully soon we’ll become your favorite burger too.

– Omakase Burger

You can make a reservation for Omakase Burger at

4. Roadhouse


Dempsey’s only modern American diner serving sinfully good American fare, including meats and burgers grilled to perfection on the acclaimed Josper-grill.

– The Prive Group

You can make a reservation for Roadhouse at

5. Relish by Wild Rocket


After 3 years of serving our burgers to our appreciative audience, we have re-vamped our restaurant (yes yes all those spanking new restaurants at the IRs are keeping us on our toes). We noticed that everyone else serving burgers decided to adopt our white-washed décor with blackboards so we decided to move away from the pack and have chosen a darker and more sophisticated look with over-sized lampshades.

In addition to our new décor, we have added many of our own favourite comfort food (think pastas, soups, fish fillets, curries and braises!) to the existing burgers which continue to be on the list of Singapore’s best burgers and we continue to ensure that our patties are not made from dodgy parts (tails, ears, nose…) but rather from parts of the animal that was meant for burgers (chuck, shin, rib-eye).

Chef Willin’s wide range of burgers are both good & fun to eat – there are burgers which we won’t mess with (think greasy smoky bacon, melted emmental cheese, medium-rare juicy beef patty, guacamole all forced between lightly toasted sesame buns) to burgers that are – well not so traditional (for example – the Blue Cheese Beef Burger with Rucola, Poached Pear & Walnut Butter, the paper-thin omelet-wrapped Ram-Lee Burger, the Soft-Boned Char-Siew Pork Open Foccacia Burger & the Curry Chicken Burger).

Don’t forget our popular all-day brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, where we serve burger-inspired brunch items like our home-made pork & apple sausage patty breakfast burger and the smoked salmon, scrambled egg & cream cheese bagel. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention our fresh fruit sangrias which are the best things you can drink on a lazy weekend.

 – Relish by Wild Rocket

You can make a reservation for Relish by Wild Rocket at

6. Rider’s Cafe


Riders Café is a restaurant serving delicious contemporary comfort food in a casual and relaxing space that exudes a lovely old world charm. Sometime in April 2007, Janice was told about a fantastic location at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club. The opportunity to build an eating-house at this beautiful spot was too good to pass up and thus Riders Café was born.

Janice’s sole intention of building Riders Café is to bring good food to the people. The inspiration behind our menu is a combination of favorite classics and refinement. We buy only good and fresh ingredients and plough for hours experimenting, to get every recipe right. Everyone’s allowed to have an obsession. And this is ours.

– Riders Cafe

You can make a reservation for Riders Cafe at

7. OverEasy


OverEasy Bar and Diner is a refreshing and vibrant modern bar concept that blurs the line between drinking and dining while paying tasteful homage to the much-loved American diner.

– OverEasy

You can make a reservation for OverEasy at

8. Epicurious


We cook for you, from scratch, the kind of food that we would serve our own friends and family. Healthy, hearty, wholesome, flavourful, and made with the best ingredients we can afford. We’re about comfort foods: a great Caesar salad; mushroom soup so thick your spoon can almost stand up in it; the Epicurious burger, succulent and fully loaded; apple crumble just like Aunty Betty’s… We also have one of the best breakfasts in town (so says Time Out Magazine). Because we know that sometimes your taste buds want a bit of titillating, we’ve concocted a couple of dishes that we think represent a perfect fusion of cuisines, like our Asian smoked salmon salad and spaghetti Vietnamese bolognaise.

– Epicurious

You can make a reservation for Epicurious at

9. Handburger


The Handburger serves gourmet burgers crafted from the freshest and finest ingredients such as grass-fed prime beef patties, duck confit and oven baked portobello with a range of handmade sauces.

Expect a delightful dining experience – watch and smell burger buns bake while savouring your burger, accompanied with a milkshake or a beer. Click on the arrows to get a taste of the handburger’s handmade experience.

– Handburger

You can make a reservation for Handburger at:


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