Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay takes on Singaporean Hawkers in SingTel’s Food Challenge

“SingTel, I truly accept your challenge. Game on.”

These were the exact words by internationally renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, in a response to the challenge issued by SingTel and local food bloggers on behalf of Singaporeans.

Singaporeans love their food and would definitely want it to be world famous. In this challenge, top favourite hawkers polled on Hawker Heroes will pit their skills against the Michelin-starred chef in a culinary battle. This is a chance for Singaporeans to show what they are capable of and whether Singaporean food do deserve a place in the Michelin Guide.

Are Singaporean hawkers truly world class? Can they really stand up against Gordon Ramsay, who was recently into the Culinary Hall of Fame?

“One thing I’m certain of is that people love my version better”

What are your personal thoughts on this? Let us know by leaving us a comment below.

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