Top 10 Restaurants in Singapore

1. Waku Ghin Marina Bay Sands

waku ghin3

Fine Japanese dining at Marina Bay Sands

Exclusive is an over-used word, but it sums up Waku Ghin – superstar chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s relatively new Marina Bay Sands outpost. Just 25 covers are dotted among four private rooms – each with a chef preparing a 10-course tasting menu on a teppanyaki grill.To start is raw seafood – maybe sea urchin and abalone – followed by ‘salads’ such as scallops with daikon and oyster. The real magic begins as your private chef cooks a succession of fish and meat dishes. It’s part theatre, part cooking lesson. All can be expertly paired with wines or sake from biodynamic sancerre to an Australian chardonnay, produced specially for this popular chef.

– Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2013

You can make a reservation for Waku Ghin Marina Bay Sands at

2. Les Amis

les amis4

A perennially popular and elegant neighbourhood gem.

One of the forerunners of fine dining in Singapore, Les Amis is still going strong.

This classic restaurant has an elegant neighbourhood feel that strikes the right balance between meticulous service and friendliness – the sort of restaurant that every foodie wishes they could have at the end of their road. Locals keep returning for dishes such as lightly smoked eel topped with a wafer of crispy pork skin and home-made pasta in truffle stock with crispy shrimp. It also helps that Les Amis boasts the biggest wine cellar in Asia, and that the cheese is supplied by renowned affineur Bernard Anthony of Alsace.

– Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2013

You can make a reservation for Restaurant Les Amis at

3. Jaan


A restaurant and chef that live up to their location

Many restaurants with a jaw-dropping view tend to be lacking on the culinary side – not so Jaan. On the 70th floor with a vista of Singapore’s skyline and waterways, you will be transfixed by its panorama – but only until chef Julien Royer’s food arrives. First comes a beautifully presented plinth of amuse bouches. Then a 55°C cooked egg is cracked and poured into a dish before you, in a cute nod to Singaporean coffee shops. Presentation is stunning, witty and the flavours never disappoint. Here is a young chef already cooking at the very highest level.

– Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2013

You can make a reservation for Restaurant Jaan at

4. L’atelier de Joel Robuchon


Productive counter cooking, Asian-style

The Singaporean outfit of Joël Robuchon’s L’Atelier concept stays true to the original idea: a place where chefs can experiment and create dishes fusing French techniques with the cooking of individual locations, drawing inspiration from the simplicity of Japanese cuisine and the atmosphere of Spanish tapas bars. In Singapore, this manifests in a menu of opulent ingredients plucked from across the world: foie gras, jamón Ibérico de bellota, lobster, osetra caviar, eringi mushrooms – some given an Asian twist, others used to create classic French and Mediterranean dishes. All this makes for a globe-trotting experience that is as big on fun as it is on flavour.

– Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2013

You can make a reservation for L’aterlier de Joel Robuchon at

5. Shinji by Kanesaka


Omakase restaurant from Japanese masters

This menu-less, omakase (‘I’ll leave the choice up to you’) restaurant has caused quite a stir in Singapore. It’s the eponymous brainchild of renowned Tokyo chef Shinji Kanesaka. In Singapore, a team of Japanese chefs work under the watchful eye of master chef Koichiro Oshino, who has been with Kanesaka for more than 20 years. They operate from behind a wooden counter carved in a single piece from a 220-year-old hinoki or Japanese Cypress tree, which is as stunning as the food the team prepares. Only fish and seafood is served, but not just sushi and sashimi (though sushi is the star of the show) – there are plenty of grilled dishes on offer here, too.

You can make a reservation for Shinji by Kanesaka at

6. Osteria Mozza


Upscale Italian-American in downtown Singapore

Outside Osteria Mozza, there’s always a gathering of those without the foresight to book ahead at this popular Mario Batali outpost. Inside, the dark wood, white tablecloths and sizeable bar transports diners from Marina Bay Sands mall to New York City. The US chef’s trademark rock soundtrack adds a convivial atmosphere, but never detracts from the attentive service. Under executive chef David Almany, the menu is deeply Italian-American, boasting half a page of mozzarella and a full page of pasta dishes as well as exemplary antipasti, meat, fish and, of course, dolce. The Italian-dominated wine selection is also suitably impressive.

– Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2013

You can make a reservation for Osteria Mozza at

7. Gunther’s


French fine dining in a stylishly inviting setting

With many top restaurants in Asia based in luxury shopping malls, Gunther’s is a chic and welcome alternative located in a converted shophouse. A series of intimate spaces – from the small bar to the private dining rooms – keeps the ambience inviting and sophisticated. The neutral décor is enlivened by paintings and antique artefacts from the chef-proprietor, Belgian Gunther Hubrechsen, previously with Les Amis in Singapore. But the star attraction is the vast tray of impressive raw ingredients, including live seafood, shown to each diner at the start of the meal and testament that produce here remains king.

– Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2013

You can make a reservation for Gunther’s at

8. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

imperial treasure super peking duck10

Superlative Chinese specialist in the Lion City

The friendly receptionist always tells customers before they take a seat if the Peking duck is finished. One can imagine the near-riot in the restaurant if she didn’t. The lacquered, roasted duck, carved tableside and with a touch of sugar added to its crispy skin, Beijing-style, is always in huge demand in this specialist institution,  as are the barbecued meats – another of Singaporean chef Tong Yuk Sing’s specialities. Although the restaurant has a huge capacity, it is made up of several rooms, each boasting its own distinct style and mood.

– Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2013

You can make a reservation for Impreial Treasure Super Peking Duck at

9. Pasta Brava


Located in a two storey conservation shop house, Pasta Brava was established in 1993 by Rolando Luceri, a former Hotelier with over 40 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Since then, under the Luceri family, Pasta Brava has garnered recognition in the local Italian dining scene, as well as winning multiple awards over the years.

The warm ambience contains everything from pieces of art painted by the owner’s brother to colourful drawings by guests taking pride of place on the walls. Simple Straits Chinese decorations and souvenirs from the Luceri’s travels pepper the entire restaurant and add to its unique and homely feel.

The cuisine concentrates on traditional dishes from various regions of Italy and whether it’s a family dinner, a corporate lunch, or a private function, Pasta Brava caters to a diverse range of clientele.

– Pasta Brava

You can make a reservation for Pasta Brava at

10. Esquina


Inspired by the colourful tapas bars found in Spain, Esquina provides visitors to the culturally-rich Chinatown with an added choice of European cuisine to the ethnic enclave. Open from Mondays to Saturdays, Esquina serves mainly modern Spanish tapas in a unique location that is surrounded by post-war colonial buildings, hip coffee joints and ‘old school’ home style restaurants. Leading the culinary direction for Esquina is Michelin star Chef Jason Atherton, the protégé of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Esquina is also the latest venture by acclaimed Singapore hotelier and restaurateur Loh Lik Peng. Having had successes with Hotel 1929, New Majestic Hotel and Wanderlust including award-winning restaurants such as Jing and Cocotte amongst many others, Esquina is yet another exciting project aimed to breathe life into the historic and charming neighbourhood.

– Esquina

You can make a reservation for Esquina at


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